How To Design A House on A Tight Budget – Part 1

When you start designing a space do you get overwhelmed with how many different ideas you have and how to make them all work?

How to Create a Sophisticated but inviting Living Room

Have you spent ages designing your living room, meticulously choosing pieces, mulling over colours, styles, Pinterest and Houzz photos, then stood back …

Greige Rage

The thing that every designer is talking about right now might feel a little underwhelming, although what I like about it, is its complexity. (Geek alert).

Home Office Interior Design – Step 7


Home Office Interior Design – Step 6

STEP 6 – SHOW OFF YOUR PERSONALITY & STYLE – Domestic interior design wouldn’t exist if there were no people willing to express their personality and style. What do you like or what are drawn to and what sets you apart from others?

More Ideas To Change Up A Room

Last week I gave you some ideas on how to revamp a tired room and I had lots of feedback saying that you liked the simplicity of the ideas and wanted more! So here are a few more ideas to pimp up a space on a budget and without spending too much time on it either!

A Few Ideas For A Tired Room

I usually get 3 types of requests from clients. I get asked to; 1. Completely overhaul a room 2. Bring a room into this century (make it more modern) or 3. Give some ideas for a tired room.

The biggest mistake when choosing paint colours and my 3 step fix

Early on in my career I remember asking one of the architects I worked with, which colour to choose for the outside of a property. She told me that …

10 Reasons your Room isn’t Coming together

In my online interior design business I often see myself repeating a few reasons why things haven’t been looking coherent or actually finally feeling …

Home Office Interior Design – Step 5

STEP 5 – DEFINE YOUR THEME & MOOD, THEY ARE THE KEY TO ALL OF YOUR DECISIONSThe first main step to decorating, now that you understand your space, limitations, budget and have a vision, you need to have a