Can your surroundings change your life?

I used to spend my childhood looking at the free flyers that came through the door and dream about living in spaces like the ones in those advertisements.

An Interior Colour Combination That Just Works

With today’s post I just wanted to give you a few different pallets as a go-to guide, so that you can bookmark this page…

timber flooring

When is it ok to mix timber flooring colours?

When is it ok to mix timber flooring colours? When designing a space from scratch, the flooring is usually one of the last things I consider…

Quick Tips To Age A Building

It took me a few years to start noticing the subtle differences in older buildings and new buildings built to look old. It wasn’t until I started working on

Design, Design Is Everywhere

Design is everywhere. When I was studying architecture in Brisbane so many years ago, I was in disbelief when my lecturers would say that the architects …

buying furniture

The 2 things you must do before buying furniture or choosing paint colours for your home.

So what do I believe you must do before even considering buying furniture or paint colours for your home? What do I know will save you tones of money ..

How to Make a Small Room Feel Huge Part 2

Living in a small space becomes a lifestyle. You will have to adapt to your surroundings or a more compact way of living (unless you have always lived in small spaces) in order to ensure lasting happiness during your time there.

How to Make a Small Room Feel Huge – Part 1

Having lived in small, shared, inner city spaces for much of my 20’s, I found lots of ways of making my tiny rooms appear much bigger than they were…

To Walk-in Wardrobe or Not To Walk-in Wardrobe

When is it ok to remove a bedroom to use it as a walk-in wardrobe? I always ask myself the following things when deciding this for a client:

How To Design A House on A Tight Budget Part 2

The main thing I believe is that you need to have an end goal in mind. Unless you are clear on this, you will waver, and wavering WILL cost you money and you most probably won’t get the result you were aiming for (except by luck).