How Your Personality Can Positively Influence Your Home

Back in Architecture school, I remember we were taught to look to our context when designing buildings. We were taught to really study the local area, the environment and then the site. After that, our educated and informed ideas would flow with physical evidence that backed up our arguments for why our designs had to […]

The Unconventional Question I Always Ask My Clients

Everyone who knows me knows how I live and breath architecture and buildings. It is not only my full-time job but my obsession and passion. In recent years, however, I have also been studying Ashtanga yoga, meditation, online business, life coaching, visualisation, our relationship to nature (biophilia) and interior and sustainable design. Exploring these new […]

3 Things You Should Tackle Around The Home in 1 Day

I recently visited one of my favourite local places when out and about– a beautiful, abandoned Manor House called Aldermaston Court.

Milan Design Week & Lake Como Italy

When my friend said that Milan design week is definitely a show I shouldn’t miss, (and I have been to many, many shows) she was right! Wow. Just Wow! I have to admit Milan Design week, furniture fair or Salone Del Mobile Milano was not only well organised for foreigners but it was pretty easy […]

The Biggest Trends In The Hotel Industry & Why They Matter

As you know, I have been researching the hotel industry as I’m getting my foot back into hotel design and I can’t be more excited to see that the latest trends are moving towards my specialist route! And as you don’t care too much for facts and figures, I’ll get straight to the fun part. […]

How To Furnish A New Home – Where To Start Step By Step Guide

Buying a new house is a beautiful fresh new start and is a really great time to consider starting fresh with your furniture, especially if you have been renting for years up to the point of your purchase. But where do you start? You probably have a few pieces of furniture, a bed, lots of […]

Why A Simple Spring Clean Can Change Your Life

Its Finally Spring here in the UK. Yep, I am going to get all cliché on you and give you my best tips and time saving strategies to get the most efficient jobs done in one day – so that you don’t spend your whole weekend cleaning (and exhausted) just to go back to work […]

Why Black Can Sometimes Feel Light and Make A Space Feel Larger

Yes, in design we usually use black to make things stand out, bring them closer visually, to create a luxury feel or to create contrast. But black should be treated differently to other dark colours, especially in an interior. So how can you use black in an interior to make a space feel larger? Black […]

Space Saving Ideas For Homes

Having lived in shared accommodation for most of my life and having travelled and moved way too many times, I have so many space saving ideas that I have used and also thought about using! Here are some of the ideas that you may be able to implement in your own home to save space and make […]

Bedroom Before & After – With tips & Ideas to create beautiful and functional spaces

We all love a good before and after. Many big transformations can take time and are most often unbelievable or difficult to imagine. What could you imagine when looking at the above picture?