How To Solve A Zoning Issue At Home

Being limited by the layout of a home that doesn’t work for your family is where zoning issues really arise. One home could be a perfect fit for the lifestyle of one family, but may be totally wrong for another family.

Zoning and why you need it in your home

It’s not until most people get a chance to stop and really focus or analyse the way they are living in a space that helps them see it isn’t really working or it is prohibiting them from living in the way they want to be living.

How Different Colours Make You Feel (with a free worksheet)

Did you know that we feel and absorb the colour we see around us? We are stimulated, energised and relaxed by certain colours. Wearing or being exposed to a colour can change our mood and enhance our health and well-being…

3 Ways To Create A Scandi Interior

The one thing many of my clients have been saying recently is that they are inspired by Scandinavian style interiors. So here are a few say guidelines for those of you who want to try this at home.

3 Home Decorating Cures (with a free, downloadable workbook)

If you decorated a room recently and you were expecting a “wow its exactly like I imagined”, but got more of a “there’s something just not right yet”, then try these home decorating cures.

Home Renovation Survival Guide

I always had this vision of me and my husband flicking paint on each other and laughing whilst eating pizza and sleeping on the ground (like a movie scene) and renovating properties has not been nothing like that. It was more often than not, absolute hell.

How To Choose The Perfect Grey

I had a message from my dear friend the past week, it was about a grey paint dilemma she had and it said “Just painted a wall grey only to notice it is baby blue…”

A Few Things You Should Know About Paint:

This week we have been testing paint for our new kitchen and it hasn’t been easy! Of course, I wanted to use luxury paint like Farrow and Ball, Benjamin Moore, and Little Green because that is what I specify for my clients. However, a tin of Farrow & Ball is almost triple the price of […]

Kitchen Countertops Pros and Cons

How do you choose a kitchen counter top? Price is a huge factor for most, but look comes a close second, third practicality pops in and out (how easily does it stain?) and then if it is a man-made material whether it is “healthy” or ethical.

Kitchen Design Basics

I have worked on over 400 kitchens, either alongside a kitchen designer or just designing them for client’s (or bosses) and I always stick to the design rules I was taught. So, when it came to designing my own kitchen, I kept going around in circles, balancing my budget, style and functionality and getting no-where…