Bathroom Design Basics (Everyone Should Know)…

I get asked a lot what the pitfalls of bathroom design are for designer’s who are just starting out in the business and I would have to say that bathrooms and kitchens are by far the hardest if they have never experienced renovating their own or a friend’s first! Kitchen’s are a whole other ballpark […]

How To Run An Interior Design Project

The most asked question that I get as an interior design mentor is how do interior designer’s get clients, and the next in line is how do I run an interior design project?

Interior Design Is A Lifestyle

I have found myself repeating this to my mentees and I realize it is something I am quite passionate about. For me, being a designer is a lifestyle. Ok, I understand and am totally cool with being an archi-nerd that takes everything I do a little too seriously, however, I think you need a little […]

How To Get Clients As An Interior Designer

Most people who think about what an interior designer does, think that interior designers only design high-end luxury properties or hotel interiors for lucrative projects. This is pretty outdated thinking and in recent years the requirement for interior design has actually increased and has also become more accessible to the mass market. HGTV and home […]

How much does it cost to start an Interior Design Business?

By the time I started my business I had invested in two degrees, postgraduate courses, business coaching and probably close to another hundred extra programs and courses to grow my knowledge, not to mention that I read at least one non-fiction book a month for the past 10 years! I used to believe that running […]

How To Draw A Golden Rectangle (For interior designers and architects)

In my last blog post, we went through what the golden ratio (or as I’m using here Golden rectangle) is and why it is important to a designer. This week, I will show you how to draw one for yourself. Firstly, you will need a few bits and pieces for drawing (or drafting): Set square […]

The Composition Rule For Designers

The Golden Ratio What is it and why is it important to a designer? At the moment I am mentoring my first round of amazing interior designers who are setting up their businesses. I realized when I was writing this section of my program, I needed to go deeper, but it was also an opportunity […]

When Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

My clients always ask, when is the right time to hire an interior designer? Funnily enough, pretty much 99% of the time, clients want and need you to start their project ASAP. Its funny, you can’t imagine how many phone calls and emails I get from prospective clients who say, “we need things to be […]

Can I become an Interior designer in 3 months?

The interior design world is full of people who will say no to the above question. But the biggest criticism the workplace world gives design schools is that they send out graduates with little practical knowledge, which means that many graduates still need work experience before they are truly …