90 Days To A Freelance Life

Fast track your career and learn everything you need to know to start your interior design business now


In this program, I teach you everything you need to know to set up and run your own interior design business but I also show you everything I did to get regular clients and consistent income to support my business and career.

I combine real-life and workplace knowledge which is more practical rather than academic, then help you build your business step by step whilst making your dream of becoming an interior designer come true.

  • It’s Your Dream

    You have always dreamed of becoming an interior designer or you have found yourself wishing you could do it for a living.

I believe that if you feel called to be creative you have something special to give. In this program, we explore your own unique talents (rather than teaching you what I think is right) and help you become the best designer you can be.

  • You Don’t Know Where To Start

    You have this underlying passion for interior design or have wanted to do this for years but don’t know where to start.

I’ll show you not only how to be a great interior designer, but also how to set up and run your own business (even as a freelancer), get clients and create a brand that you are proud of. I’ll give you the tools that take years to accumulate in traditional offices and fast track your success by sharing all of my secrets, links, experience and industry know how.

  • You Want Someone To Call On

    You have tried on your own but want a network and someone with experience to call on and ask questions.

When you feel stuck and don’t know what to do you have a support network from day one and when you feel like things aren’t working out you have help and support all the way. As an experienced mentor who currently works in the industry, I can help you get clients (without a portfolio, years of experience or a list of contacts).

  • You Want Experience

    You want to go freelance, set up your own interior design business or get experience to work for someone else.

I’ll show you how to get clients and help you find your first project so that you can gain real experience and build a real portfolio. Your final project is a real project rather than a theoretical one and I’ll help you with real-life problems that arise from that project. I’ll be there, just when you need me.

  • You Have Life Experience

    You have been working in another industry or have another career but don’t want to go back to uni or study every evening and weekend for years.

You don’t have to work for low wages or long hours as an assistant to “learn the ropes” and you don’t have to go to university or study every evening and weekend for years to gain the knowledge and experience required to work in this industry. I’ll help you transfer your current skills and fill in the knowledge gaps so that you don’t have to “start again from scratch”.

  • You Are Ready

    You are fed up with your current job or situation and want to finally take a stand for your dream.

There is nothing theoretical about this program. You need to be motivated, driven and cannot give up easily when it comes to your dream. I will push you every step of the way to make sure that you don’t give up on yourself.

  • Or ... You Have Already Tried

    You have already studied interior design with a formal institution but haven’t been able to find work.

You found that once you finished studying interior design everyone told you that you needed experience in order to get hired and frustratingly you couldn’t get the required experience without getting hired so have had to find work in another industry whilst waiting for your dream job.

  • You Want Freedom

    You want the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and the hours you choose.

Whether you are a mum who wants the flexibility to work around her children or you are a millennial who wants the laptop lifestyle, you can set up your business in a way that can give you the freedom to run your interior design business with maximum flexibility with nothing more than internet access and a laptop. You don’t have to run your business in this way, but isn’t it nice to now that it is possible, just in case you decide you want to?



Jo – the way that she gives you access to discuss and ask questions and learn about the many aspects, it can only produce a well balanced business at the end of it. A tight knit group of students is also advantageous because over time you really build a connection and understand different perspectives of the same thing you are going through yourself.

Jo’s approachability and concern are second to none when facing some pretty big decisions in terms of setting up a business that you never feel alone in the process. Her gentle guidance towards making the best decision for you is one which I’m sure I would struggle to find in another program. I think it says it all when you look forward to the release of a new module and stepping closer to becoming an interior designer.

This program taught me how to set up and run my own business, basically started from where other programs left off. I wanted to have a business I could at least begin to talk about by the end of the program, it has exceeded my expectations!

ZahraZahra Abbas Ltd

I have always loved interior design and decorating my bedroom every other year when I lived at home, but my passion was really sparked when I bought my own flat and had free reign to design and style an entire space. I started putting pictures of my work in Instagram and gained quite a large following, which helped me with my confidence that I was actually good at design and not just super house proud!

Since starting the course I have had 5 paying clients, from just providing inspiration for one room, through to a full 4 bedroom house redesign. I literally could not have imagined just 90 days ago that this would be my life and I would be making money from something I love so much.

My confidence has grown, it’s still a work in progress but I feel more confident. I notice this most when talking to clients and I hear the technical knowledge that comes out of my mouth without even realising it, and I realise how much of the course learning has actually sunk in.

I was expecting to get interior design knowledge but this has far exceeded that and the business aspect of it was so vital and so important. The results that I have had such as having paying clients also far exceeded what I expected as I really didn’t expect to have clients already.

This is a fantastic course and as long as we put the work in, it’s guaranteed that the students will have successful careers.

KarlyCloud Interiors

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the program based or is it available online?

The content is all online / distance learning. You will receive a unique log-in and profile where you will be able to check off and mark modules as complete. The is an online program with videos, workshops and assignments that build your knowledge and business side by side.

Once you sign up you will get access to the online membership part of the website with the first introductory module already available for you. After the official start, the modules will be released weekly.

How long is the program?

The program runs for 4 months but is designed to get your working with your first real client in 90 days from the start of the course.

How much time will the program require each week?

If you were hoping to just do the bare minimum, which is return the homework modules and attend the live calls then you would get through the program with about an hour a day. If you cannot commit to this time, you will have lifetime access to the course content and recorded calls.

The program has been created so that you can not only set up and put in place all of the things you need to start your career as an interior designer but also learn the things you need in your new career in a practical way. This should be fun and exciting and if you are serious about setting up your new career you will be motivated to work on the material.

Do I need to be UK based?

No, the course is structured in a way that means you can work from anywhere in the world. If you have any particular concerns, please do get in touch.

What can I expect from the program?

You can expect to learn everything you need to know about how to set up and run a business in interior design or start working as a freelance interior designer (for yourself or someone else). This is valuable for you if you don’t want to undertake an evening course at a college or undertake prolonged work experience working in an interior design firm as an assistant which is the usual path. This isn’t a decor course and is suitable for people who are transiting into interior design later in life or have already studied interior design but have found that their course was limited to teaching theoretical interior design rather than the business of interior design or have tried to find work or set up on their own and have not succeeded.

The program is set out in a way that you should be able to start taking on clients or start work for an interior designer by around 90-days into the program (earlier depending on where you are at and how steep your learning curve is).

Each week you will gain access to a new module and you will have one week to go through the content. The next week we will have a live call where you can talk through your struggles and get guidance and mentorship / coaching to help you solve any problems and move past barriers that are holding you back. Throughout the week you have access to the forum to ask questions and Facebook group to socialise and get support. The support network is a key part to your success, so taking part and being an active member will definitely help you to succeed much faster.

Every couple of weeks you will receive a homework module. The homework assignments are practical and guide you to take the required steps to set up your business in a safe, achievable and fun way.

Do I need to have experience or previous project examples to start the course?

You don’t need to have previous project experience but having an established career or degree in another field can be beneficial to success. Also, having undertaken or run your own or a friends project can also be useful, but not essential.

The main thing you need to have is determination and a real want to work as an interior designer. Passion, drive and self-motivation is more beneficial than any experience or education.

I want to work in commercial interiors is this still suitable?

Yes, but please do specify what kind of projects you are likely to work on so that we can make sure the content is suitable for you. Also, in some areas around the world you may need to get certification in order to work in commercial interiors, however this can be examined on a case by case basis.

I have a specific style and look that I want to build my career around. Are you experienced in different styles of design?

Every educated designer is experienced in different styles of design. This course has been created to help you develop your style, but to give you the knowledge you need to provide intelligent solutions for your clients.

What if I can’t find a client or a project?

Getting clients as an interior designer doesn’t require magic. I managed to get clients in a foreign country, without any contacts, previous experience or portfolio. You just need a system that works and I will teach you that system.

Is this course only for women?

The majority of students are women, however men have successfully completed the program too. The program helps you to develop your own style and build your own business, so it is well suited for both men and women.

I’m not naturally talented, can I still succeed?

Talent helps make things easier, but you don’t need natural talent to succeed in interior design. Design is a learned skill, just like any other profession and I will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

I have been out of work for a while and am worried the workload will be too much for me. I don’t want to start something that I won’t complete.

This program is designed to work around a busy lifestyle. Most of the students work full time and need to fit this in around busy careers (as well as children).

I require assignments to be handed in, but these assignments are practical and designed to help you build your career, so it isn’t like studying at school or college, it’s more like having a friend teach you everything you need to know and guiding you to take baby steps along the way.

Even if you just take a few steps each week, you are building and starting your new career, rather than sitting back and dreaming about things happening. This program requires “active” participation on behalf of your dream (and I won’t let you quite so easily!).

Can I legally work as an interior designer after finishing this program?

Almost everywhere around the world (except for a few states in the USA) you do not require a license, certification or any education to call yourself or legally work as an interior designer (always check in your local area if there are any requirements).

The title of interior designer is not protected such as that of an interior architect or engineer. Experience as an interior designer is what is required to succeed in this profession and that is what this program focusses on.

I have a large following on Social Media but don’t know how to monetise my following and don’t actually have any clients. I’d like to transition into interior design but don’t have any formal education. Is this program right for me?

If you have already built a large following it will be much easier for you to start your interior design career, so this program will help you finally take the steps to do that!

You no-doubt already have experience with styling rooms and interior decor, so we can leverage your current knowledge, fill in the other skill gaps and show you how to run a real project and put systems in place that are required to get your business working smoothly (and finally earning money!)

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Course Outline


JULY 2018

  • Saturday 7th July – Welcome Call & Module released
  • Saturday 14th July – Business, Structures, Branding, Websites & Legal Matters
  • Saturday 21st July – Interior Design – Everything You Need To Know To Be A Success
  • Saturday 28th July – Drawing & 3D Modeling


  • Saturday 4th August – Catch up Week
  • Saturday 11th August – Presentations & Visual Communication
  • Saturday 18th August – Just Enough Construction, Detailing, Joinery & Decorating Knowledge
  • Saturday 25th August – Catch up Week


  • Saturday 1st September – Systems, Filing & How To Run A Project
  • Saturday 8th September – How To Get Clients & Your Personal Marketing Strategy
  • Saturday 15th September – Catch up Week
  • Saturday 22nd September – Trade Relationships & Beginner Mistakes To Avoid
  • Saturday 29th September – Your First Client & Your First Project


  • Saturday 6th October – Catch up Week
  • Saturday 13th October – The Brief, Coaching Skills & How to Listen To What Your Client Really Wants
  • Saturday 27th October – Graduation – final hand in

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