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The Biggest Mistake You Are Making With Your Home (and The Easiest Way To Fix It)

So here it is. I see it all the time. The homemakers, designers, professionals – everyone, unless they have a clear vision of the end result and what they want it to look like, they fail in reaching their end goal with their design.

I see this every day, working with architects, designers, clients, builders, artists and whilst giving design advice. It makes sense though, that without having a clear vision of the end result, you are kind of just playing around, which is fine if you have lots of money to spend on buying things that aren’t going to work, testing ideas and have lots of time to make those mistakes. The main reason that drawings, collaging or sketching your ideas is so important in reaching a look you want is because you are filtering while you are doing it and if you actually go one step further to define what it is that you like about a photo then you are really getting closer to understanding what it is that you really want.

So try it! It is January and you have probably already set some goals for health, family, study etc. Why not have a vision for how you would like your house to look by the end of this year? And this should be fun! Here are two exercises you can start right now to ensure your home will look exactly the way you wish it would, down to the pillowcases on the bed and the flowers in the vase.

Steps to Make Sure Your Home Looks The Way You Want It Too.

  1. Use an online image source. I use Houzz, Pinterest, Polyvore and In the Window.  I find this the fastest (and cheapest way), but you can collage form magazines if you like too!
  2. Create a vision board for your home. If you would like a workbook on how to do this stay tuned and next week I will have one here for you. For now, go get some magazines, sing up to Pinterest or start saving images to a folder on your computer of Houses that inspire you and keep them for later. Next week I will show you the first step to filtering your ideas in order to make a vision board for your home.

The one in today’s image was an idea/vision board for my bedroom/study/dressing room/library in my London apartment.  You can see underneath I started to write what it is about the image that I liked.  Have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the creative process.


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