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That Healthy Australian Lifestyle

I grew up in Sydney and I dreamed of living in the inner city and having that healthy Australian lifestyle that comes with living so close to the water and trendy inner city areas with bars, great foodie eats and gorgeous shops.

I decided that this visit to Sydney was about time that I had a chance to live that healthy Australian lifestyle and check-in to see whether this was really what I wanted in my life, or whether it was just overhyped of years of distorted memories from living in the UK for so long.

We stayed in the most gorgeous hotel, that was architecturally interesting, in the middle of a trendy area and also surrounded by lots of areas for sightseeing as well as walking and swimming.

To be honest, the location didn’t disappoint, even though it wasn’t an area of Sydney I had really spent much time in Woolloomooloo, had some cool places to eat (Ms G’s) and also had the botanical gardens for morning runs.

The hotel was a converted wharf, which had been designed beautifully into a lovely hotel, surrounded by water, boats and was surrounded by the sea.

I hope the photos give you a sneak peak into that Sydney lifestyle I always dreamed of, which to me is healthy, fit, fun and trendy.

And the verdict…  my memories were definitely not distorted, although Sydney has definitely changed, that healthy Australian lifestyle definitely lives on in reality as well as my heart.


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