Can your surroundings change your life?

I grew up in Western Sydney in Australia. We were first-generation Polish immigrants.  It wasn’t until I became a teenager that I realized what money was and that we didn’t have much money. The innocence of a child and the kindness of friends, extended family and usually parents of schoolmates helped guide me in the right direction, showed me generosity and kindness which shaped me into the person I have become today. Why does this matter?

I used to spend my childhood looking at the free flyers that came through the door and dream about living in spaces like the ones in those advertisements.

I laugh now because back then they were free furniture ads like the ones from “Oak Furniture Land”, IKEA or “Target” and they would be just pictures of tables and chairs in different settings.

I remember spending hours, dreaming and imagining myself sitting at a table like that, eating a nice breakfast with my family and looking out at a view of Sydney Harbour or the Blue Mountains in the distance…

I moved to Brisbane to study architecture in the late 90’s. By physically moving away from Sydney my lifestyle changed completely. My surroundings were stunning, surrounded by palm trees, water and nicely dressed people. Living in the inner city changed my life and raised my awareness greatly.  I started to see first hand what beautiful architecture and interiors really were and I was mesmerised and motivated to soak up every space I could, to experience it, feel it and understand what made it feel so beautiful and why it brought people so much joy.



By the time I left Brisbane and moved to the UK, I had completely changed my perception of life, I had a hunger for learning more about historical buildings, architecture and interior design, I wanted to see more cultural spaces, natural spaces, modern and innovative spaces.  Moving cities forced me to change and evolve, it was the trigger, mixed with excitement and adventure that I needed to grow and become a better version of myself.

Today, I see these same transformations in my clients when they change their immediate surroundings, whether it is a new home, a complete renovation or a new interior. When I meet people for the first time, they tell me their dreams, how they wish to live and the lifestyle that this dream home will bring them. By the time their project is finished I see their lives are different, I see them transitioning into someone they dreamed of becoming.

There is something magical in the design process that I see allows people to grow. When nurtured, this helps someone grow into their new lifestyle, physically transitioning into their new healthier, more romantic or more successful life, when not so successful, it leads to stress and can turn into a complete horror story or worse yet, an underwhelming and expensive experiment.

My favourite words to hear from someone when they look around is “this isn’t me anymore”. I know that that person’s life is about to change in the most beautiful way, and it is such a gift to be able to be a part of that experience.

The imagination I exercised staring at those magazines as a child helped me nurture an endless creativity and empathy for my clients that allow me to see their visions so clearly. I can hear their music, I can see their dreams and every day I feel so grateful to be a part of creating that new life for someone.