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When I was studying architecture in Brisbane so many years ago, I was in disbelief when my lecturers would say that the architects and designers of the buildings thought about absolutely everything – to the last detail.  It makes sense to me now, because I know how complicated the process or theory behind something really simple can be (it doesn’t mean that it always is though!) and how much time and thought usually goes in to making very deliberate decisions to reach a desired end goal.

This is why I am so passionate about design!  I love finding beauty in everyday things.  In my creepy video, I hope  I have been able to show the drama and delight created by the designer for something so beautiful and simple as a grave.

I think for me, that is why more historic buildings and streets bring me so much joy – because there were so many hidden secrets and surprises – such as a gargoyle that was particularly scary or a fountain with a comfortable seat, tucked just off a busy street.

I find myself searching for these gifts from designers in everything from a gorgeous dinner set to a beautiful door.  The gift is in a designed piece and if you can find it, see it, feel it and appreciate it  – then you have found the gift from the designer.

Design really is around us and it is in every day things, some items are better designed than others and not every style is for everyone.  So my point for todays post is to start looking for these design gifts.  See where an artist, architect, designer, landscaper, sculptor or artisan has gone out of their way to create something special for you.

Look out for the surprise and delight that everyday things can have – in fairness not everything has been totally designed (or even thought out), but see if you can tell the difference and find the gifts from the designer.  You will know when you start to find them.

Have fun and share your experiences with me.


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