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Home Office Interior Design – Step 7


I hope you are starting to really get a picture of your space and your room is coming together.

Step 6 was about your personality and giving soul to your space.

Step 7 is the last step of this course and I’m going to give away my decorating secrets that help you put everything together and also, get it right… every time!

The first thing to remember about any design project is to imagine the larger whole and then focus on the details but ALWAYS ensure the decisions you make refer to the larger idea.

This might sound a little outrageous (or not), but simply put, if I wanted a clean, minimal, bright and contemporary space – I would chose colours that inspired me, but probably wouldn’t purchase open shelving to display my crystal collection (well not unless it looked like a piece of art…

  1. The easiest way to tie your room together as a whole is to unify something… anything… just unify 1 thing and make it obvious. For Example, you might have lots of bright colours that show off your eclectic and arty style, but you have one colour that is repeated constantly that ties it all together and makes it look whole.
  2. Now without too many Big Lebowski Quotes coming up the main things interior designers use to tie a room together are: colour, a rug, a central painting, collectables and fabrics. If in doubt, just test your ideas, swap one item at a time and take a photograph so that you can see your room as though someone else is looking at it.
  3. You might of heard about layering. This is the main way interior designers tie a room together to tell a story. You can tell a story about you and how far you have come, you can tell a story about the season, a point A to B. Just think about any really great story, there is also a bit of drama. Ask yourself what is the story in this room and ask someone else what they see as the story too.
  4. And Finally, how to Feng Shui your office for success. You might be wondering why I put this last in the challenge? Well It comes down to what you believe… If you believe that you must put your desk in the north Eastern corner to gain success then that is what you must do. If you believe that having a lucky crimson bird in the South is the anchor you need to know you are on a path to success, then that will work too. It comes down to whether you believe you are attracting success or not. I don’t hinder myself with superstition, but I do believe that anchoring in certain things helps remind you each day what you are working towards. I also like to use Feng Shui for “styling”. I like the practical aspects such as using mirrors to deflect unwanted flows of energy, but that is for another challenge!

I believe Feng Shui is a practical tool as well as a fantastic way to anchor in your desires. “It always seems impossible until its done”  Nelson Mandella.


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