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More Ideas To Change Up A Room

Last week I gave you some ideas on how to revamp a tired room and I had lots of feedback saying that you liked the simplicity of the ideas and wanted more! So here are a few more ideas to pimp up space on a budget and without spending too much time on it either!

Create Storage or a display

I often find myself telling clients that all that is really missing in a particular room is storage. Be creative about how you store items. People do this easily with children’s rooms, but then forget about it when it comes to other rooms. If you love having a display of something you own, create a collection of something, books, pictures, photographs, shoes. Anything can be displayed in a creative and fun way and these days with the internet, try googling “Objet d’art” or “interesting ways to stack books”.

Organise your spaces to function properly

This is actually really rewarding and can save you time searching for items later. I always say, when clutter goes, creativity flows…

Update your light bulbs and lighting

Can you swap your lighting for a home system on an Ipad or RAKO style keypad, or a dimmer switch? You usually don’t have to really rewire with some systems either, you just need the system and some dimmable bulbs. This can completely up level a living or kitchen space, especially if you want to entertain or sell up.

Create a mood for the daytime and a mood for the night time

I do this in my living room by turning on different lights during the day to make the space feel really bright, but at night I love only turning on the mood lights with candles and I even close the shutters early (while its still bright outside) so that I feel cosy when the weather is cold!

Replace something that you dislike

There is nothing more tormenting than a stained bed sheet or an ugly old set of chairs (I’m not talking shabby chic here, I’m talking broken, you get angry when you look at it and you waste your energy on hating it) –I rotate colours every season, but I usually go for yellow or green in spring, Blue and white in summer, red in autumn and white and black in winter. For some reason, these colours brighten my mood and compliment the weather for me. So find a colour theme that you can work with year round if you aren’t prepared to rotate and start replacing certain things with a vision in mind of the grand picture… you have one right?


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