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A Few Ideas For A Tired Room

I usually get 3 types of requests from clients.  I get asked to:

  1. Completely overhaul a room
  2. Bring a room into this century (make it more modern) or
  3. Give some ideas for a tired room.

I actually think the third is quite easy and I think anyone can do it.  So here are a couple of ideas to spruce up a room.

Clean it up

Never underestimate the power of a clean space.  It not only changes your mood but also helps you purge unwanted items too. While you are at it, read about the Kon Mari method and the magic of tidying up (it’s a lovely read).

Tickle your senses

Freshen the air with a candle or flowers, put an inspiring quote or picture or put some nice music on to suit your mood.  If you haven’t noticed already, I always have a fresh bunch of flowers at home. I use these to highlight colours, change the mood but also to freshen the air. For me, flowers are the least expensive way to create a gorgeous view and freshen the air.

Create a vignette

A vignette is like a little artistic display.  It gives somewhere for your eyes to focus, especially when you have a room that doesn’t have much architectural merit.  I do this often with food on my chopping board in the kitchen or in the bathroom with luxury pamper items.

Paint the walls

This is usually avoided at all costs until the room is emptied somehow, but you could paint one wall at a time. If you live in rented accommodation, ask your landlord, they will usually allow this, especially if you supply the paint and labour. If you can’t paint the walls why not try covering large parts of walls with a screens, artworks, curtains, or tapestry. This is also a good idea if you move regularly and want a familiar place to come home to.

Revamp the flooring

If the flooring is hard or the carpet is old and you cannot replace it. Try covering it with one or more rugs.  Hessian, sisal and seas grass rugs are really fantastic for this because they are usually neutral in colour and they come in lots of different sizes and are usually made in a really hard weave which is quite firm underfoot. They are usually pretty cheap in comparison to other rugs too.

As you can see these aren’t mind-blowing things to do!  But try doing 3 of these things in any one room and I bet it feels less tired.


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