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Pulling Apart A Bathroom

One of my readers asked if I could do another one of these gifs where I pull apart the room to help you learn how to create the room, and so here it is. Today’s bathroom pull-apart. The image is of the Karlavagen Residence from

I thought this bathroom would be a good example to use to help you understand what is going on here, and also I think the designer did such a beautiful job to create a gorgeous bathroom that it was a pleasure to work on and also write about.

So I took away everything that most people wouldn’t normally have in their bathroom and I whitened the tiles in the shower to resemble a more realistic and probable tile selection from a non designer, so that you can imagine your starting place in relation to this image.

I know my readers can get as far as space planning and if you are lucky enough to have a historic and gorgeous property with radiators that are that pretty, lucky, lucky you! Also that amount of room for a bathroom wouldn’t go astray in any property, although as you can see, in order to have such a large shower, the designer did rotate the bath and created different perspective than what most people would have done, which I also thought was pretty creative.

I also know that my readers would probably be able to chose the traditional style shower head to match the age of the property and overall look. Here are the things that take this bathroom to the next level however and see if you can do the same when designing your own bathroom.

  1. The tiles. The undertone of the marble creates warmth and as you can see here, with different light, it looks a different colour. (brighter with natural day light on the left). Actually a quick tip, if you want marble and cant afford it, smaller sized marble tiles are how to achieve the same feel and I have to admit that that would be my choice too, considering the amount a slab of 20mm marble costs. Most people stay safe with tiles, but as you can see the pattern of the natural marble creates a modern, natural feel.  Also continuing the tiles into the bath area, created a continuum between spaces. I removed the tiles behind the bath so that you could see how the feel of the room was improved by having added them there.
  2. The window treatment. This really adds a luxurious, soft element to this bathroom and really sets it apart. Notice the curtains still allow light in, so they may not be lined.
  3. The black and timber additions. This is something you can do in any room! Just find your highlight colour and use it! They have been very refrained here and the timber on the right makes the rght feel so warm and the black on the left really contrasts against the white walls to give you a focal point. Notice, even the little curtain tie appears to be black. The timber really adds some warmth, or else the feel of the room would have been much more monochrome.

I hope this helped you see this room from a designer’s perspective and gave you a way to approach your own bathroom design. One more point here, it isn’t usually that difficult to make an architecturally gorgeous room beautiful, but there are ways of making any room pop, so don’t feel that just because this room started off beautiful because it had historic features, that you wouldn’t be able to create an equally stunning space without them. Yes its easier to work with a beautiful space, but if you don’t have architectural features to work with, either create them, or chose your focal point to be the dramatic statement piece and let everything else be the backdrop.


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