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Pulling Apart A Living Room

Understanding what makes a room so nice can be easily simplified just by taking away elements.  I used this image from ecb architects to show you how the following pieces really make this room feel nice and complete.

I removed everything in the room that I thought you might not have when starting to decorate your room.  Most of my clients start with a sofa they love, some curtains they may or may not love, a rug and a coffee table.

  • The biggest component that adds to this room is the shelving unit.  It brings a sculptural element, focal point and allows the content to be played around with and changed.  This is definitely the key ingredient to this room as it brings colour, sculpture, texture, personality and individuality.  This room has not really got beautiful architectural features such as a gorgeous window (this one is pretty average), staircase or ceiling.
  • The second chair starts to enclose the space and makes it less dormitory and more homely.  When considering furniture for your room, think about how you will use it (in multiple different ways), and how you can make the room feel more appealing or inviting.
  • The last elements that really bring this room together are the ones that bring colour!  As you can see when we take away the flowers and cups (which were added for their colour), the room doesn’t pop as much.

White is an easy colour to work with and I used this example because it was clear and simple.  I hope it gave you a couple of things to focus on, whilst trying to create your gorgeous home.


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