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Home Office Interior Design – Step 1

This is the first step in interior design to turn your home office into a gorgeous place that you will want to spend time in and work from. In these 7 steps, I’ll guide you through what you need to do to create a professional looking design and inspire you to take your home office from where it is now to where you wish it would be.

Why the home office?  This is one of the spaces we haven’t really had in a home throughout our history and it has started to creep into corners, kitchens, excess parts of rooms and hasn’t really been given the attention it deserves.

The home office or study space is now becoming one of the most used spaces in the home!  Studies now show that we spend more than 6 hours each day staring at screens (I know for me that figure is way too low!)  So why not give that space some attention, especially if you work from home or need a quiet space for reading or study.

The key to transforming any space is to have vision.  Whatever you are working on, today create a vision board or mood board and share it with me.  I’d love to see the vision you have for your space and what you are inspired by.

So the first step to decorating the perfect home office is to be inspired.  I get inspiration from nature, art, patterns, other designers, magazines and even the strangest things like shopping bags or machinery. I also have a crush on an architectural designer who works in LA called Kelly Wearstler.  Her interiors are divine and ostentatious and she uses lots of sculpted marble, which just seems so over the top, but adorable.

Who or what inspires you? Share images of your dream space with me, you can collaborate on a design board on Houzz here: or ask me to follow you on Pinterest here:


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