create-your-dream-home-1CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME – YOUR WAY

With online interior & architectural designer Jo Chrobak


Do you love home decorating and know what you want but just can’t seem to put it all together to create the right look?

Have you tried hundreds of ideas and spent lots of money on fashions and have a mis-match of items that look out of place?

Do you wish you knew how to create a coherent look through your home
Or style particular areas, like bookshelves, home office or utility room?

Do you have an area in your home that you just wish you could love but is sitting unfinished because you don’t have a solution for it?

Do you wish you could make the most of the space that you have and maximize the value you get from one of your biggest investments?

I see so many talented homeowners getting frustrated with areas in their home, wasting their time and money on gimmick or buying items that will never achieve their desired goals. They feel they can’t hire a designer to help them because they just need help with a few things here and there and most professionals don’t offer services for small projects.

It is true that much of architecture and interior design is usually reserved for high paying clients, understandably, considering an architecture degree is hugely costly and the amount of time spend studying and gaining experience spans across decades, teamed with like in any field, the more experienced designers commanding higher pay.

I spent most of my career working for super lucrative clients working on one-off properties or luxurious hotels around the world. Although, I also worked on projects at the other end, namely my own derelict one bedroom, ex council flat in London and developer projects around the UK and Australia. So unlike many designers who stay within a niche and gain experience in a particular area, I broadened my design niche and gained a lot of experience in many areas, working day and night, weekends and spent all of my waking hours engulfed in architecture and design for almost 20 years.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home and access to good design, so that is why I decided to dedicate my career to ensuring more people have access to professional advice, especially for domestic projects.

I now help people create gorgeous homes all over the world from my office in the UK.

I have become the person that homeowners can call on to help with your design dilemmas. One of my client’s said it is just like having an interior designer as a best friend!

I can help you sell the home that isn’t budging, so that you can move on to the house you really want.
I can help you create that coherent or particular look you have been dying to achieve.

I know what is wrong with the room that just doesn’t look right and I love listening to all of your worries about it!

I know that its in our homes that we usually benefit from the most amount of interior design help and I know that it is usually people who need it the most who usually don’t have the funds or access to someone who can help them, or worse yet, they get help from the only people they know, which is a plumber, student or parents!

What if an experienced architectural and interior designer gave you 100% of her attention for your home to solve your particular design problems and you didn’t have to worry about the cost?

Being absolutely obsessed with buildings from a young age meant that I spent almost every waking hour for most of my adult life learning about design, working in architecture or physically renovating buildings. It means that at a relatively young age for an experienced professional, I have an amazing amount of knowledge in my field and can work with budgets that range from £50 to £5million.

I help every day homeowners with everyday troubles and I love every second of helping them create their dream homes. The joy of giving everyday homeowners access to high end professional help really boosts their lifestyle and completely changes the way they live – for the better.

Finally get your home feeling just right, so that you can start living the life you dream of living in it!

I wanted to help as many people as I possibly could create their dream homes, because I know how much joy it brings and what kind of a lifestyle and healthy change it can create. This is why I now focus full time on my online based interior design business, which means I can keep my costs low and provide a high end service to more people.

Instead of a designer forcing you to accept their design style or giving you ideas that are out of your budget or taste, I listen to what you want and help you to create it, knowing that you are safeguarded by a professional with years of experience. And hundreds of project sunder her belt.

You will get
– 1:1 Attention from me to work through your ideas and ensure you are on the right track and that your goals are achievable.
– I’ll give you loads of insider interior design tips and tricks to create gorgeous spaces that will make your home feel as though it has that professional touch.
– A design , plans, shopping list, 3D model or anything else we agree that you need to help you visualize or concrete your design and help you solve your biggest problem.
– You won’t waste any more money buying the wrong things.
– You’ll have a step by step guide to work from to complete your project.
– Receive professional advice, ideas and get real help.
– Call, skype or email me with your questions, worries or just to confirm ideas.
– Finally complete the project and start living in your dream home now!

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I have intentionally kept the price of my program low so that you can take full advantage of my services and maximize the amount you can actually spend on buying those dream items for your home.

My wish for you is to finally complete your project, confidently put all the missing pieces together so that you can start living your dream lifestyle in your gorgeous home.

Ewelina – Norway

I expected the ideas to be great but what I saw in my project was far beyond my expectations. When I received my design I spent over 3 hours reading every little piece of information and it made perfect sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so excited!!!”

Barb – Australia

I’ve known Jo for quite a few years and found to be a consummate professional. She is so easy to talk to, and actually listens to what you are trying to achieve. She was wonderful in helping us designing our new kitchen and her help and insights on the new ensuite are perfect. Thanks so much Jo


In regards to the design you provided, the short story is, I love all of it, want all of it. Your concept really did bring a smile to my face because it brought my dream back to life after it had all but fizzled. That is why your concept was so timely and amazing. Thank you, so so much. I don’t know if you realise how much I needed that glimmer of hope in my inbox. Impeccable timing, when I was feeling like giving up.

Darius – UK

I am a professional guitar teacher who works from home. Jo designed me a recording / teaching studio. I am very pleased with the result. I spend most of my day in the studio. Since the upgrade I am more creative, relaxed and happy.
Thanks a lot Jo

Rachael – Australia

Jo Chrobak is a fantastic designer with an amazing eye for interior and architectural design. Her ability to understand what your vision is and use that to create the interior of your dreams is incredible!

The main complaint I hear from really talented women who are trying to decorate and create a gorgeous home is that they just wish they had someone to call on to ask questions or run ideas by. I think the only missing ingredient is having someone to ask those questions to.

Don’t make the biggest mistake I see many homeowners making – which is buying a set of matching objects from a shop you love, taking them home and realising that they are not going to work.  I don’t want you to invest into the wrong pieces again, or worse yet, make changes to the property that devalue it straight away! If your home is one of the biggest investments you have made so far, I will help ensure it is working for you and giving you the results you are looking for.

What is included:
• A 90 minute (Face to face or Skype) design strategy session, where we go through your ideas, understand your home and work out the ins and outs of the style and project.
• Together, we will get that image in your mind and make it a reality.  I’ll help you get really clear so that you will know exactly what it is you want to achieve and ensure the fastest and most cost effective way to create it.
• You can ask all of the questions you have and we will sort through any problems or issues.
• I will show you where you can save money on your project and I’ll give you real design help specific to your project.
• After our session I will provide you with a design gift that will take your project to the next level.  This may consist of an interior or architectural design, plans, surveys, 3D model, details, mood boards, shopping list, material board or anything else you may need which we discuss and agree during our session.
• 10 hours of follow up calls with me. In these sessions you can receive design advice, get guidance on purchasing items, get help with designs and ensure you use the money that you have wisely.  You can break these up into half-hour calls, which means you can call me when you need help with an urgent design dilemma*.  This is a feature usually only available to the most lucrative clients and now I am making this available to you.
• You will get clarity on your scheme and receive a step by step guide to help you know which steps to take in which order to complete your project.  Statistics show that having a clear goal or intention will ensure your success, so I have developed a fun and unique way of helping you understand what your style is and I’ll give you the tools that you need to make sure you stay on track!
• I’m not like other designers who push you in a particular direction.  My unique talent lies in helping you define your own style, because creating your home is fun and you want to do it your way!  My philosophy is that I’ll guide you in the right direction – it’s just like having an interior designer as a best friend.

Receive my free shopping checklist to help you buy the right items, every time.
Not knowing where to start, especially when on a budget is frustrating and scary. I include a step by step guide for your project, which you can follow at your own pace. There is nothing worse that moving into your dream home and thinking “now what?” Especially when you look around and the vision in your mind is not yet a reality.

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So many homeowners buy items thinking they will go together and find out the hard way that they just wasted their time and money because they were sold on the psychology of the store rather than items they love that will suit their personality, lifestyle and home.
Don’t live in an unfinished home for years, testing ideas and wasting money!  I’ll narrow the timeline right down, so that you can start living in your dream surroundings as quickly as possible.

This program is not for everyone, if you want a designer to take the project on and design it themselves and then help you through the phases of construction, I have other services that deal in a traditional way. This service is completely new and completely different and is designed for you to be the project manager of your own project, whilst being able to call on me for the duration of the project, whilst also getting design advice and a design or anything else you might need to complete your project, whether this means potentially writing a specification for the quality of work to ensure your builder uses the correct glue for stone tiles so they don’t crack or fall off or whether it is helping you work with you kitchen company to match the color of the kitchen to ensure flow through your home. This is to give you peace of mind and to backup your ideas and ultimately when selling your home, you will have the added value of it having had architectural designer input for a fraction of the cost.

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Until the end of August I am offering my Essential Design Package for the lowest price it will ever be.

A payment plan option for £300 a month for 6 months

Or an upfront, one off payment of £1500.

And an added bonus I am offering access to my online interior design course, so that you can start learning interior and architectural design secrets straight away!

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