Day 9 - Living Room Refurbishment

Today I’m guiding you to think about the lasting implications of your design choices. For example, our paneling is one of the main features of our living space and I know in the future I will want to repaint or change the colours in the room. The panels will withstand the test of time and will definitely be one of the long standing features in the room. This was is important and so it would have looked not only odd but as though I had made a mistake if I had just put normal basic switch plates on the paneling. If you are going to create a feature, go that extra effort and complete the look. If you just absolutely can’t – then HIDE IT!

People really do notice stuff like this, and white sockets really could have stood out like a sore thumb! I could have used a trendy modern metal plate in copper or black (and of course I wished I could have), but that wasn’t in our budget and we had to make a decision on the long term rather than on the current trends. I woud always try a current trend of things like face plates, because they really are easy to change. The only problem I find is that they really are quite a pricy item, and once you change one in the room the rest look odd unless you change them all. We got away with leaving the lighter walls with basic white switch and sockets plates because of the lighter walls and they blend in rather than stand out, so we decided not too spend the money on altering or upgrading them.

One trick if you want to really modernise the look of a room is to upgrade the wall colour, lighting, flooring and switch plates. You can really make a nice impact with these basic things.