Day 8 - Living Room Refurbishment

Floor finishes are another one of those those items in your home that I always feel should be long lasting. I have tested cheaper products in previous projects, but they honestly don’t withstand the test of time. Porcelain tiles are amazing, but if they aren’t polished little pieces of dirt really do get stuck inside the little dips and someone like me really notices the discolouration. A high gloss tile is absolutely beautiful, but the maintenance no matter what colour, really is tremendous, especially for a busy young couple!

My first preference in UK property (I would opt for stone in Australia- unless its a timber framed property, of course) is always solid timber. These days the engineered boards are truly fantastic and some of the finishes on them can be so gorgeous and it would be hard to say no to.

These are my tips for long lasting, low maintenance (trust me you want this), good quality and fantastic looking floors that stand the test of time are as follows:

  1. As always, get the best you can afford and try and get a trade price on it. If you just ask for a discount or wait until January, you will probably get a better price.
  2. When buying any material, stone, porcelain, carpet, timber etc. buy the thickest you can afford and ensure you don’t skimp on your underlay! What goes underneath is just as important as the finish – you don’t want cracked tiles or an uneven floor. Make sure your substrate and underlay are straight and perfect for your product!
  3. Buy something you absolutely love, you will look after it without thinking it is a chore!
  4. An uneven colour (not one single colour) will be more forgiving and usually look cleaner for longer.