Day 14 - Living Room Refurbishment

To finish off I wanted to show you one of the items that you probably haven’t thought of. Door handles are quiet easy to change, although make sure you align them straight or else they will bug you and look really unprofessional. Ironmongery is in the same category as switches and sockets, if you can update them, then do it, as you will notice the overall look of the room becomes more coherent and the whole room will feel more complete.

Again, ironmongery can range from £2 per pair of handles to over £1000! We paid £17 per pair and this was really pushing our budget. The two tone finish was another long term decision. We don’t want to change these for another 30 years (hopefully), so these should last for at least 2 design trend seasons (design trend seasons usually last about 10 years – just think of the warm magnolia, beige and earthy browns we have had – they have been around for about 10 years and are now being replaced by cooler, bright whites and greys, which will stay around for the next 10 years or so).

So just to show you the end result, here are a few images. It isn’t completely finished yet, this is where the real personality and decoration parts start, but its also where the real life, living in the space and changing it up and having fun starts. I took a few photos myself in different arrangements to show what we currently have. It isn’t finished, but that is ok, it is a fantastic place to start and its very liveable now. The rest is easy peasy and all down hill.