Day 13 - Living Room Refurbishment

The way I usually decide on my window treatments depend on the end result. If I was going for a soft, warm, cosy feeling or a traditional, classic look in this room, I probably would have considered curtains or roman blinds. We wanted a clean, contemporary look that was not only functional but also pretty from the street as well as easy to maintain. Another big deciding factor over timber or vertical blinds which would have been cheaper was the added thermal comfort that the shutters bring.

Even though our windows are double glazed, they are over 15 years old now and although the seals are still in tact, the frames have dropped so much that they are just as leaky as timber windows. We aren’t in a position to replace the windows yet (although that is on my wish list!) so these will help us get through the next few winters without having to put secondary glazing in (which I find is more expensive per window than shutters!) and can look pretty ugly and cheap (even though it isn’t).

Another point here on natural light. We only have one western facing window in this room, so that doesn’t give us much light during the day. On the opposite wall to the window, I hung a mirror as large as I could make it to reflect this minimum amount of light throughout the room. I have to admit I wanted to put something else on that wall, but in the end the largest mirror on earth won the spot, mainly due to the lack of natural day light. I can’t escape from my Aussie roots and I love seeing the light bounce around the room, especially in the evenings when we get the setting sun. It really makes a huge difference.

I would always try to get as much natural day light into any room, its easier to control once you have it.