Day 11 - Living Room Refurbishment

When choosing your staple items, such as sofas, I would invest in pieces that can be reupholstered and invest in timeless pieces that last a long time. At this point in time, we invested int the best we could afford (about £1000 for the sofa and foot stool). If you are spending a lot and are really confident about your purchase, then go for the piece of furniture you absolutely know will make your space get a WOW from visitors. If you are a little less confident and want a safe colour, greys are now in and will stay around for the next 10 years or so and can be really easily lifted and changed to be brighter or darker just by adding some colour to your surroundings.

Just another note, if your sofa is the main feature, the rest of the room should compliment it, not compete. By this I mean, if it is the main feature, as it is for us (with the paneling as the main backdrop), I will purchase items that will make it stand out more rather than steal the show themselves. Some design tips for you are:

  1. Don’t “match” everything in the room. This will look a little amateur. Think a little outside of the box and if you are choosing colours, chose tones of the same colour, with different textures or patterns.
  2. Mix patterns if you are confident, but ensure the background colour is always the same, or if you are confident ensure the background colour is complimentary.
  3. Use your accessories like affordable pieces of art! Place them like art and treat them as precious. I always change them around, usually once a week when Im cleaning, but I I would confer swapping them around seasonally, to bring different colours into the space to brighten it up or add some fun.

This is when the fun begins. Always test your ideas, if something isn’t working, don’t give up, keep trying!