Day 10 - Living Room Refurbishment

It is really important to plan ahead! This is why architects & interior designers always think about the existing layout and design as much as possible before starting work. Can you imagine retrofitting a tv like this in such a tight location afterwards? We had removed the existing radiator and relocated it and also allowed for the weight of the tv on the metal stud frame (which didn’t have any existing bracing to fix that kind of weight onto). We also had to consider the depth of the tv we were thinking of purchasing and also the depth of the wall in relation to the existing door frame into the kitchen and dining room.

This is a really great example where common sense and designers probably don’t go hand in hand. We built a wall in front of another wall in our home to hide lots of cables and equipment. Many people may not see the benefit of this and would definitely not understand the high quality end result that this could potentially achieve. Honestly the amount of people worried about the lost 30cm squared of floor space are focussed on the wrong thing. The increased value that people will recognise but not be able to pinpoint are exactly things like this. Everything is hidden off the floor and the added use of the space under the tv, which is also in the walkway allows for a free-flowing, uncluttered feel. The “stuff” is still there, you just can’t see it.

A lot of thought went into this before we did it and yes there was a lot of effort and some extra cost in moving the radiator and building the false wall. When you weigh up this cost against the end result, which makes the room at east 5 times more functional and beautiful, than it would have been in the original layout, the costs really are negligible.

The idea here is to make the absolute most of this space.

See my sketch plans below where I tested ideas and came to achieve my current layout.