Hi, I’m Jo Chrobak. I studied Architecture in Australia and for over 17 years have been working in architectural offices internationally. 

My mission is to bring architecture and design to the masses, making it affordable for everyone to have their little piece of heaven. My extensive experience allows me to provide unique, low cost online interior design services. I have construction, architectural, technical, spatial, interior, computer, programming and design knowledge that help me successfully communicate ideas online and make decisions without needing to be in a space.

I’m obsessed with nature, mountains and revealing the beauty in everyday things. I help my clients realise the potential in their homes, which helps increase its value and provide a happier, healthier place to live.  My clients often know what they want and I help them express their own style and ensure they get very clear on the end result, which saves them loads of money and ensures a successful project every time.

I made a quarter of a million cash profit on my first development (an ugly 1970’s, one bedroom, ex council flat) and doubled it’s value within a year. Now I help first time house buyers, developers and home owners make changes to their homes that look amazing, increase their quality of life and raise the value too.

I studied architecture in Australia and in 2007, after travelling through Europe decided to move to the UK. I have been working in the architectural field since I was 18, have built over 15 homes and designed more than 100 others! I love high end design and wished forever that I would have my own home to put my own stamp on. In 2013 I finally bought my first property and renovated it on weekends. I had zero budget, did everything myself and got frustrated that I couldn’t afford the gorgeous things I wanted to actually buy.  I figured out creative ways to achieve luxurious results within the smallest budget.

I want to inspire people to live beautifully. My style is focussed around my clients.  I always say that the most important part of any interior design is you! 

I write regularly for online magazines, give free advice on Houzz and Facebook  and publish my Love Home Blog, here on my website. I am the “Home” Editor for the gorgeous online lifestyle magazine Empowered Wellness & Living which is currently published monthly and free to receive.

My clients are usually completely surprised with the absolute transformation that is available to them with my creativity and expertise to maximise the potential they get out of their current spaces.

You can read about my childhood and more about me in my blog post Can your surroundings change your life.

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Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

Jo Chrobak